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Kyle has had three voice-actors over the years: Nancy Cartwright, Tress Mac Neille, and Pamela Hayden. I mean, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the pencil thing, but I'm least as smart as a cat. Known for his womanizing, general corruption and for changing his political stance at the drop of a hat if he thinks it will increase his popularity with the voters.

Excluding Kyle, the Superfriends include Ham, Cosine Tangent, E-mail, and Report Card.

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Unlike most duo or trio groups on Two students who were often seen alongside Bart and Milhouse early on. Richard has had four voice-actors over the years: Jo Ann Harris, Nancy Cartwright, Pamela Hayden, and Maggie Roswell. The preacher at the church that the Simpsons family and the Flanders family attend.In the end of a hard working week Jane retired to her country house to relax and find a peace of mind, but the very first morning of her solitude was imprudently interrupted by a youngster that broke into her house and began tearing off her clothes and torturing her tender body.