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Well, I done it.' Five people have reportedly died after a Boeing cargo plane overshot the runway (top right) on takeoff just moments before crashing in a Colombia field (left and left inset) on Tuesday.The plane, belonging to Colombian airliner Aerosucre crashed in Puerto Carreño, Colombia, and was carrying six people on board. The flight took off around 5.15pm local time and crashed a bout five miles from the airport.First responders were seen working the scene of mangled wreckage (bottom right).It is not yet known what caused the accident, but an investigation is ongoing.

Now Paul Purdy, 38, his wife Sophie, 32 and their children Oliver, three and one-year-old Madeleine, are homeless for Christmas.His paperwork was found in the footwell of the truck used to murder 12 on Monday night, right.He is probably armed, 'highly dangerous' and a member of a 'large' Islamic organisation and has weapons training abroad, security sources say.Inside a dingy auction house in South London, a motley crew is gathering.

Cockney traders, young e Bay sellers, shopkeepers, charity fundraisers and tourists.

The father-of-two had paid former burlesque dancer Miss Symonds up to £10,000 per month to be his 'exclusive' escort and allowed her to live rent-free at the £300,000 property.