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It is agreed that tango music first came out of the environment of immigrant-packed conventillo houses, where many different cultures and their respective types of music mixed in such close proximity, and from the melting pot of styles from around the world, tango music arose.


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But there is more to this small street and tourist attraction than first meets the eye.It is still an exhibit, and so nobody actually lives in the Conventillos along Caminito.You will see washing lines strung between walls in the stereotypical Italian way, but they are just for show, and all part of Quinquela Martin’s intended work of art, which should be respected for acting as a reminder of this barrio and city’s immigrant roots. However, there is a reason why the Tango is associated with Caminito and La Boca.What has all this got to do with colorful Caminito, you ask?

Well, the majority of these Italian immigrants in La Boca worked in the port, just as they had done in Genoa.

Here the conventillos were hastily constructed from scrap corrugated metal and wood from old ships, and to spruce them up a little, the façades, doors and windows were then decorated in the famous bright color combinations with the leftover paint from the port, that tradition brought from Genoa.