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My results are me being a lot more aware and actually much more confident now after listening and now finally finishing the program for the first time.

I really do believe that this program is one of a kind because I don't think there's really anybody else out there that will put the time, energy, commitment, and passion into something like this...

I have reaped more benefits and improvements from these courses than anything else in my life!!! I would gladly buy any new programs put out by him and have to utmost respect for his work. If you become a multi millionaire from your work you deserve it!!

" - "You will NEVER find this kind of information anywhere else..." "I felt that me getting this program was not really an option, it was an absolute NECESSITY!

Can you imagine how the divorce rate, drug use, and violence would be absent if all men read your work and uncovered their Alpha?

I would recommend this program to a friend because it will change your life - happiness, women, emotional and mental strength will become your normal way of life" - "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the purchase of your products..." "Skepticism was the biggest obstacle.

Specifically, I liked the overall win-win philosophy and the the angle that woman should be an addition to a fulfilled life.

These programs have improved and changed my life more than any other material I have encountered... His books have allowed me to improve my social and dating life 1000 fold.

I look at women completely differently now and I'm slowly becoming more confident in myself around women that I'm attracted to. You helped me realize even though I'm a great guy, I was always afraid to put a girl in her place, which according to you is being a doormat. must-know..." "...excellent informative and detailed... ...must-know for guys who are struggling with women " - "My results are..quite simply empowerment... I never realized how I was destroying attraction by being the nice guy that I thought every girl wants..need to know this to be able to get the quality girls..." - "I wish I would have found this material a lot sooner..." " ** What is the biggest obstacle that prevented you (before now) from buying this program?

Not only has it became as easy as tying my shoes to approach and succeed with women but your products have made me a better man.

Ya know, I think You taught me how to live with a mental strength that makes life my playground Specifically, I liked the fact you teach from a place of power and truth without gimmicks - like I said my life has improved in every aspect I would make it required reading for all men as it will awake your TRUE Alpha allowing you to realize the power we all posses that society tries to hide from us.

Three other benefits are confidence building, enlightenment (education), and that it's great to be a guy. It could've saved me a lot of heartache and frustration.

Now I'm more confident now that using this material will help me in the relationship areas I've been lacking in." - "These programs have improved and changed my life..." "I have gone from a shy guy with no girlfriend or social skills to having fantastic social skills and currently dating at least 5 high quality women.It's helped me with a lot of inner game issues Specifically, I liked your videos and your diagrams. " - "You are top of the list by a landslide...." "I've recommended and raved about all your programs . Please continue updating and making these programs available for men like me, in the past decade I've sampled pretty much every major self help / PUA Guru - You are top of the list by a landslide and even my second favorite for years collaborated with you many times. Guys need to learn that you don't have to lose your power to a women to make her want you.(When you do, you are never happy.) When a girl knows you can get another girl if she fucks up, it makes you more attractive. I now have the balls to push past it and GSD if you know what I mean. My biggest obstacle was paying money for what I thought I could figure out for myself.

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