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They would've made for a ridiculously good-looking couple, but it seems it wasn't meant to be.

Instead, Jen has chosen to continue to amaze us with her incredibly random taste in dudes.

Police said he possessed a federal firearms license and permit to carry a concealed weapon.

In June 2016 the Investigation Discovery channel profiled the case on the show "American Monster".

Darren Roy Mack (born January 31, 1961) became the subject of an international manhunt in June 2006 after being charged with the stabbing death of his 39-year-old estranged wife, Charla Mack, in the garage of their Reno, Nevada home.

Mack was also suspected of, and later charged with, the sniper shooting of Family Court Judge Chuck Weller, who was handling the couple’s acrimonious divorce. on June 12, 2006, and Judge Weller was shot around a.m. According to a close friend, Mack was angry over a divorce settlement issued by Judge Weller.

Mack said during the plea, "I do understand right now in my state of mind that shooting at the judiciary is not a proper form of political redress".

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And Aronofsky has a history of romancing his leading ladies - he married Rachel Weisz after meeting her backstage at a play.The show provided a more intimate look at the couple through their own home movies along with interviews with friends and family.