Dating 100 percent in denmark

02-Feb-2015 16:56

I've met a lot of people from around the world, since I've travelled a lot. I just don't know why, but I love the way they make me feel when I'm around them :) That was the original question, am I right? I'm not Danish, I'm an Aussie/American that lives in Eastern Europe, so I can't comment on Danes, I know so little of them, but there seems to be some fairly nice Danish men too, it's the same in all cultures, there are good and bad, but sometimes when something is very sweet it can become bitter too.

I have been dating a lovely Danish man for over a year and a half now and from my experience, he is the best lover I ever had. So you can't say all Danes are bad because you haven't dated all of them.

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He seemed quite into me at the party, but wait, the next morning when I looked over to wave and say hello, he quickly looked away. We met again at another party, and this time I wasn’t ignored. I have met so many men over the years; the French who charm you with their accent and very persuasively let you believe that it is you that they have fallen in love with, or the Italians who sometimes get dangerously close to prove their unfaltering adulation or the Brits who use their polite manners and chivalry to win you over. He’s a beautiful species that is painfully shy and gets an enormous amount of courage after only six beers. But next days and knowing that I had to go back home it was like nothing happens.So if you’ve found your dream Martin ladies, either be prepared to wait for those months to get him to ask you out, or beat him to it and ask him out yourself. In the meantime, like us on Facebook for features, guides and tips on upcoming events and follow us on Twitter for links to other Copenhagen academia news stories. (Comment from a shy Danish guy) This has been my dilemma for a few days now. Then he would drive me home, and get out of his car to give me a proper hug (with a squeeze). While I was used to the cheek to cheek kiss kind of farewell. what about all you foreign women who expect that a Danish man who pays 70 percent in tax still invites you out and pay for everything.forget it - we are not living in the for yourself or at least share the bill!!!! I'm from Estonia (but with Russian background, blood and mind). I met a Dane/chinese guy on line and he's just interested in nude pics. No meaningful/deep conversation at all and if I did, he backed off! I've met a dane and all I can say is that He is really kind, at first he was very shy to me, a kinda dry person, but (I'm from Brazil and we brazilians tend to be easygoing people) as time was going he started feeling confortable around me and suddenly he became the coolest person ever, like funny, sweet, romantic, all that being SOBER, since he used to drink too much before, just to feel ok and more talkative.