Dating a guy with a baby mama

12-Aug-2016 17:24

It didn’t dawn on me that he would never post about out dates or our relationship status. After I took time to realize that things probably would of never worked out, we had different ways of dealing with things and I personally am not one to hide in the shadows. He couldn’t handle pressures from his job and personal issues so he decided to.. I have life as a mom but also as a woman an both are equally important. It’s not a good feeling when you have plans with your guy and they are suddenly it’s not going to happen because his ex needs him to take the kids and he feels guilty if he doesn’t. I then figured out I was non existent in his life according to his kids. My kids knew about him, they never met him but I’ve always been open and honest with my kids. I have never let myself be manipulated with the common used jabs.. but they are the one’s I constantly hear used from single parents dating. Or his kids are straight up monster’s and he seems to always be making up excuses for them and doesn’t acknowledge it. In a perfect world everybody gets along, but the reality of the situation is.. I believe that most of the issues we face with our significant others and their ex’s and kids is mainly our significant other’s fault.If he or she can’t form boundaries and set rules of what is allowed and not allowed and lets him or herself be manipulated by the ex and kids then you ( the new partner) are basically screwed.

I'm trying to overcome the fact that the guy I am dating has a really really really cute son.

will it make you feel better if I make mine disappear at the same time yours does?

” His inability to adapt to his new found situation caused a lot of unnecessary riffs between the kids, me and his ex wife.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to realize your playing second fiddle in the life of someone you love. I had met this man who was divorcing his wife, he had 3 children with her.

We started living together mind you I had 2 children as well.

I totally understood why he had to cancel, but the situation also reminded me why he and I could never work and why I will never date a man with children again.