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03-Sep-2015 16:49

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So, based on all of this, it might be safe to assume that his money has come from somewhere “a while ago”, shortly after he was sleeping on a couch (which he kept as a reminder).

Here’s a list thanks to Humor me and type “Elite Global Dating LLC” into Google and see what comes up, I don’t think you’ll be that surprised by what you will see.He could probably run on for days without ever telling you what he’s actually talking about, and that’s a natural talent more than a learned skill. Depending on which video you’re watching, how Tai claims he started out tends to change.Sometimes he has had financial clients for over 10 years, and sometimes “it wasn’t that long ago” that he was sleeping on a couch with only in his bank account. There isn’t much to go off, but according to his Linked In page, he started out working for GE during 2001 in Wealth Management, and in 2003 was a founding partner in LLG Financial Inc.I’m not saying this is bad, but it’s definitely a sales tactic, which makes things a little less genuine.

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He even goes as far as to offer you a “gift worth 0 dollars” right at the start of the video, but delays actually telling you that the gift only comes AFTER you pay for the first month in his program, which is ..And he doesn’t tell you this until right near the end of the seemingly never-ending video.