Dating the crucifixion nature 306

18-Apr-2016 11:40

Intelligent Designer - The Bible's portrayal of Creation and the Creator.

1.) Seven minute trailer 2.) Part One Introduction 3.) A Sabbath Miracle 4.) Patrick Escapes 5.) Death in Red Square 6.) Authority and Tradition 7.) Sunday Law Debate The “The Seventh Day” web site has six sample video clips which you can access from here to preview this series or can be watched in full below.

The Day of the Sun - Roman sun worship and its link to Christian Sunday observance.

Sunday Law - Constantine legalizes Sunday as the weekly day of rest in the Roman Empire.

The Evolution Explanation - Darwin's theory of evolution challenges traditional view of origins.

dating the crucifixion nature 306-68

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Beyond chance - A case against blind chance as a logical explanation of human origins.

The Christian Sabbath - Clear evidence for Christian observance of the seventh-day Sabbath in the first century AD.