Did brody jenner dating whitney port

22-Dec-2016 15:37

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Lauren would forever say, ‘I’m not mentioning Heidi’s name,’ or, ‘I’m not doing the show if she’s on the show.’ We were so sympathetic to that, but at the same time, you had Heidi wanting to make up with Lauren, still wanting to be a part of the show.And [you had] the sex tape rumors that Lauren didn’t want to talk about, yet that was a betrayal that was so important and such a big elephant in the room that we just had to work with Lauren and say, ‘Alright, so what are we going to do? As reality TV producers, we are hoping these two [will] meet up, you know?All she does is go on dates with these guys, these funny characters.’ But then we knew she had this boyfriend, and we weren’t getting access to this story line. We know you’re dating this guy.’ It took a lot of work, and I think it was [producer] Sara Mast, who came on in season 3; she was able to get Justin to trust us.” Di Vello: “Justin’s such a genuinely nice person off camera to our crew and to all of us. She was always trying to break up with him or get away from him and his seductive power.Every time she would want to do it, if she broke up with him off camera, we would want her to at least have a conversation with him on camera so we could see that process, and inevitably they would get back together.It’s hard to believe that he isn’t putting on an act for cameras or behaving a certain way due to producer intervention. We kept explaining to him, ‘You’re doing this all to yourself.Both Di Vello and Travis insist that it didn’t take any special editing to depict Justin Bobby’s essence to audiences, nor did much of his footage wind up on the cutting room floor. All of season 2, we were thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, Audrina has no story. I think Justin was a surprise each week, because he was like, ‘I’m starting to look like such an ass on the show. You’re just seeing this on camera, but this is how you are.’ I think he was such a great character, and he was such a natural on camera.”Travis: “In Audrina and Justin’s case, that was the relationship [in which] he was the bad [guy] who was really charming.You’re watching little monitors, and when you get that like black eyeliner roll, you’re just like, ‘Damn, this is so great,’ because again, we don’t have those [to-camera] confessionals — those OTF’s we call them in the business — so we have no other device to tell stories other than something like a black mascara line running down her face.You clearly notice she’s upset, and that’s so far and few between.

We knew Lauren was there, and I think we knew they might show up.”Di Vello: “I don’t want to get into the specifics of [the sex tape rumors] just because that’s their story, but from what we got on tape, it all just kind of came to a head at that nightclub.

So that turned out to be a long, drawn-out story line.