Fat people thrown off dating site

19-Jul-2015 15:47

I thought I would stick to low carbs after we finished, but having my first meal with carbs - and the boost in energy and alertness it gave me - reminded me that for a month I had been under-performing in all areas of my life, and I'd felt dreadful.What we relish is fat/sugar combinations - chocolate, ice cream, French fries. If you want to lose weight it will be much easier if you avoid processed foods made with sugar and fat.Weight gain and obesity can be explained by lack of willpower and self-control or by genetic and hormonal factors.But when you have one thin twin and one fat twin, it's hard to blame any of those things.The insulin hypothesis sounds scientific, but it doesn't explain what large, independent research studies over long periods of time have shown: low-carb diets don't work for everyone or even a majority of people.For any diet to work you have to be able to keep it up for the rest of your life.They make you fatter and more likely to die of heart attacks.Conversely fat - even saturated fats - are getting a new lease of life as a superfood.

And the tests we did to assess our levels of blood fats and risk of diabetes at the end of the diets revealed an astonishing and concerning truth about how my body had been fuelling itself in the absence of carbs.But which diets work, why we eat too much and why losing weight is so hard don't sit within any medical speciality.

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