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18-Jun-2015 06:52

As a result: women have a multitude of signals of interest – well over 50 by some counts. By the time men have picked up on one, women have usually tossed out and trying to read the tea-leaves.

Hell, just because she’s giving you “I’m interested” signals while you’re talking doesn’t mean that she’s not with somebody anyway.

One of the trickiest parts of flirting with somebody is figuring out whether they’re interested in you in the first place when you’re talking to them.

Men frequently complain that women’s signals are misleading – what might be a sign of attraction could just as easily be a random gesture.

For example: single people who’re looking to meet someone awesome will position themselves so that they are at least half-turned towards the crowd; they’re angling themselves so as to be more open to the people around them.

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The happily partnered tend to point themselves towards their group or the person they’re talking to – a sign that they’re not interested in somebody coming up and talking to them.Watch the eyes: if somebody’s showing signs of enjoying your company – leaning in while you talk, giving a genuine smile and taking active part in the conversation – but her eyes are clearly scanning the room, she’s watching for someone she knows, most likely her boyfriend. Otherwise, she’ll either go back to giving you her full attention or find an excuse to talk to somebody else. It’s better to say “Hey, I don’t want to step on any toes if you’re seeing someone, but I’d love to take you out sometime,” instead of spending the night flirting with somebody only to get the boyfriend objection when you try to get her number.

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