Government mandating vaccines

12-Feb-2016 16:18

But what happens when one person's individual choice leads to the otherwise preventable infection of another person who chooses differently?How do you assign property rights and responsibilities to an airborne virus?All these opinions serve to do is confuse the caregiver and possibly even misinform them, which could have fatal implications for the child.Despite the fact that I hate the idea of government regulations and mandates, I have to agree with many of my colleagues that the time has come for the government to step in and take control of this issue.Pathogens adapt, hosts develop resistance, unforeseen consequences arise.As Jeffrey Singer, a general surgeon and longtime libertarian activist, points out below, "Not everyone who is vaccinated against a microbe develops immunity to that microbe.

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It’s easy to see that the argument is not about one unvaccinated child.

Let’s take a look at who unvaccinated children put in danger: Anybody who has a weakened immune system, and I’m talking specifically about adults.

Any cancer survivor, or chemotherapy patient has a weakened immune system, and exposure to measles could be fatal.

reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey, who contributes to our forum below, has argued forcefully that the popularization of junk anti-vaccine science, and the resulting increase in opt-outs, has led to scores of needless deaths, thousands of hospitalizations, and tens of thousands of cases of preventable illnesses.

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Yet neither vaccines nor the diseases they combat are 100 percent predictable or controllable.In doing so, we will help our youth enjoy a healthy childhood, while also protecting ourselves from early, possibly preventable death. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox News Channel's senior managing health editor.

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