Hibernatetemplate not updating

30-Jan-2016 23:32

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imagedb is write by jdbc example: Code: public void store Image( final String name, final Input Stream content Stream, final int content Length, final String description) throws ..Hibernate Template().initialize() doesn't work Spring 1.2rc1 Hibernate 3.0 I have an interceptor. Hi all, If one uses the Hibernate Interceptor, then should the session Factory be passed to the Business Object implementation?

Code: public class My Security Interceptor implements Method Interceptor { private Picture DAO picture DAO; public Object invoke(Method Invocation method Invocation) throws Throwable { ... If yes, then at runtime I get the Lazy Initialization ...

I thought I might have a transaccionality problem, but as I said, upon leaving the Service method the new Person is persisted in the database. However, the update I made is not persisted, and there is no error and no 'update' sql statement in the log. :) It seems that Hibernate is smart enough to tell the difference between an insert and and update.

I thought the Hibernate Template.save() method might be the problem but from within the save Some Stuff() method, after loading the Person from the database, I do a System.out, and the Person loaded from the database has the updated name.

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And it does seem that the update is being performed, within the transaction. What doesn't make sense is, calling the same method, and performing an insert instead of update, it works perfectly.The methods which you are using are for updating its states and ultimately updated in database after the unit of work is completed. If you want to receive the future articles on hibernate, please subscribe here. That means it insert an entry if the identifier doesn’t exist, else it will throw error. If the primary key already present in the table, it cannot be inserted. When the application starts, hiberante loads the objects in memory as they are needed (lazy fetching) if not defined otherwise.

When an object changes programatically, hibernate persists the object to the database.My Junit calls a Service which starts a new transaction to talk to the DAO in order to and perform any CRUD operations. On the console I can see SELECT queries (called as a result of template.find() calls).