How old are young people when they start dating

14-Jan-2016 09:46

For the females, she would advise them to hold on until they finish University.

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Mom, in her infinite wisdom said, “You are really too young to have a boyfriend.Sure most parents would be shocked if they get to find out the kind of atrocities their teenage children are committing.It is quite unfortunate that some parents treat their children’s future with such levity.According to Adedoyin Marcus, parents can’t choose for children these days.

All a parent can do is just to be a good parent to them and teach them sex education. It depends on the individual, environment, upbringing, peer groups, and the society at large. Where are your children and what are they doing now? READ ALSO: Impact Of Social Media On Relationships With the kind of impact technology and media has these days, parents would be deceiving themselves to think their teenagers are innocent and naive.

For her boys, she’d recommend 23 when they have achieved something in life so that they don’t get distracted.