Invalidating query cache entries replication

23-Jul-2016 21:47

invalidating query cache entries replication-50

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Final (the latest supported by Hibernate Search), and Infinispan 8.1.

As we all know, cache is critical to performance of any site.

There are three replication settings for dynamic cache that can be used: In Commerce, we recommend to only use NOT_SHARED type so only the invalidation is shared across nodes.

This prevents the overhead of replicating cached data to all the nodes and increasing heap usage and greater network traffic.

But, the cache expires at 10,000 entries by default.

We have a replicated cluster using Hibernate 5.0.6. Is there a plan on when these limitations will be removed?

, as eviction cannot tell regular entity (which can be evicted) from the tombstone.

invalidating query cache entries replication-26

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With that said, it is hard to talk about caching without discussing DRS (Data Replication Service).

Next, look at the cache monitor from the other node and validate that the entries have been removed here as well.

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