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30-Aug-2016 17:57

Create the logical volume: diskutil cs create Volume de305d54-75b4-431b-adb2-eb6b9e546014 "Case-sensitive Journaled HFS " "Fusion Drive" 100% That's it!Now you should have a case sensitive journaled HFS formatted partition covering your entire fusion drive.

Once everything boots back up, verify that all devices are on the same wifi network again and see if wifi sync is back up and running. Sometimes forgetting all your wireless settings across all your devices can boot out any bad connection you may have.

Early reports indicate that users running it are having better luck with wifi sync, which may indicate it fixes many of the problems people are having.

So if you don't want to reset your network settings or keep fiddling, waiting for i OS 8.1 may be your best bet.

Hopefully Apple issues a fix soon, but until then, hopefully one of the above steps should get you up and running in the mean time.

This is not a very common error, but we have seen few users requesting input on it.

This problem can impact both i Phone and i Pad users.

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