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Lemony, say Lemur's hangout Len Deighton's anagrammat Lena of Lena of "Chocolat"Lena of "Havana"Lena or Ken of film Lena who played Irina Der Lena who sang "Stormy Wea Lenape advocate of Indian Lenape orator who inspire Lend Lend a hand Lend a hand to Lend an ear Lend ___Lend ___ (help)Lend ___ (listen)Lend ___ (pay attention)Lend, informally Lend-Lease Act provision Lend-___ Act Lendee's note Lender's claim Lender's income: Abbr. Lemon Lemon and lime drinks Lemon and orange drinks Lemon beverage Lemon drink Lemon go-with Lemon grove? Lemon ___Lemon ___ (herb)Lemon, maybe Lemon-flavored, maybe Lemon-lime malt brand Lemon-___ (Kool-Aid flavo Lemonade ___ = Arnold PLemonlike Lemonlike fruit Lemony Lemony dessert Lemony meringue concoctio Lemony Snicket's count an Lemony, e.g. Legal paper Legal plea, for short Legal pleas, informally Legal point Legal position determiner Legal precedent Legal precedent setter Legal precedents Legal proceeding, at law Legal profession Legal punch? maintainer Legal stoppage of commerce Legal suspension Legal thing Legal trademark user Legal U. tender Legal writ, for short Legal writ, in brief Legal wrong Legal wrongs Legal, in a way Legal, so to speak Legal-tender bill Legalese adverb Legalese conjunction Legalistic phrase Legalistic pronoun Legally Legally adult Legally binding Legally hinders eastern and western situations Legally impedes Legally invalid Legally prevent Legally valid Legatee Legation resident Legato indicator Legbones Legend Legend automaker Legend in automotives Legend in one's own mind Legend locale Legend maker Legend of the auto indust Legend of the Himalayas Legend on the ice Legend's locale Legend's start Legend, e.g. Legal encumbrance Legal ending Legal entitlement Legal entitlements Legal grounds for action Legal hearing Legal heir, at times Legal hold Legal hunting period Legal impediment Legal item Legal matter Legal memo phrase Legal memo starter Legal offense Legal officer in charge o Legal official Legal opener Legal order during meeting Legal org. Legal setting Legal speeders, for short Legal stds. Legendary Chicago Bears c Legendary Christian marty Legendary cowboy Legendary cowboy ___ Bill Legendary creature attending around end of the working week Legendary creatures Legendary criminal played Legendary elephant eaters Legendary flier's the reason fantasy writer gets mentioned Legendary fliers Legendary football coach Legendary Gaelic bard Legendary Gaelic poet Legendary Giant Legendary Giant's family Legendary Greek conquest Legendary grid coach Don Legendary heretic seizes day Legendary iceman Legendary Irish bard Legendary Irish princess Legendary kicker Legendary king given present by knight Legendary lawman of the OLegendary loser Legendary luster Legendary Mac Gregor Legendary maker of a 96-ALegendary Mrs. Legislative act that impo Legislative aides Legislative assemblies Legislative assembly Legislative body Legislative body partly chosen at election Legislative excess Legislative group Legislative grp. Legendary 1920s-'30s Harl Legendary abductee Legendary athlete on the Legendary baseball exec BLegendary battlers Legendary beast Legendary bird Legendary bowler gets duck Legendary boxer Legendary British king Legendary brothers in law Legendary capital of King Legendary captain's stroke at Lord's? Leftmost compartment in a Leftorium proprietor on "Leftover Leftover bit Leftover bit of cloth Leftover cloth bit Leftover dish Leftover for Rover Leftover morsel Leftover part Leftover piece Leftover veggie?

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