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Most went on the make successful marriages though the most widely-tipped, Lady Jane Wellesley, daughter of the Duke of Wellington, chose a single life, as did Sabrina Guinness.Some divorced – and in the case of Anna Wallace, to whom the Prince proposed marriage, twice.Of their number, one is now a psychotherapist, another views houses for an upmarket estate agent.Some have become powerful figures in their own right – Amanda Knatchbull, another proposal, and Angela Nevill, an early romance, particularly so. And none, one suspects, regrets for a single moment the way things turned out. 24/12/1951 Daughter of publisher Mark Longman and grand-daughter of the 10th Earl of Cavan. 1948-1997 Australian socialite, daughter of publishing magnate Barry Harper of Melbourne. Known as 'Kanga’, the pet name given her by HRH which she used to start an eponymous fashion label, she was Prince Charles’s mistress in the early 1970s during the first months of Camilla’s marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles.Introducing him to the ways of love, according to his official biographer Jonathan Dimbleby, was Lucia Santa Cruz, beautiful and brainy daughter of the Chilean ambassador and amanuenis of the master of Charles’s Cambridge college, Lord 'Rab’ Butler.Two other romances followed in swift succession: Sibylla Dorman, daughter of the Governor of Malta, and Cindy Buxton, who was to make a name for herself as a distinguished maker of wildlife documentaries.

But the dynastic ambitions of others, and the fact she had a colourful past, ruled out any serious consideration of the then Camilla Shand as a future Princess of Wales.

What’s depressing – or impressive, depending on your point of view - is the sheer number of women involved. Discretion, on both sides, and the passage of time has drawn a veil over those questions.

In all the Prince, in his fruitless search, romanced over two dozen girls. Of the women he was involved with, many were aware of the presence in his thoughts of Camilla, including of course Diana.

Looked at now through the prism of history, the 1970s were a desperate time for the Prince as he tried to find a wife he didn’t really want.

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Pressure from above, and from public opinion, dictated that as heir to the throne he should secure a favourable marriage, meaning at that time either a foreign princess or the daughter of a senior British aristocrat.

Married Old Etonian accountant and banker Ned Dawnay, grandson of the 9th Viscount Downe, in 1997.