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The invitee only have to accept your invitation to start messaging with you.

Love Chat features:- One to one messaging;- Create threads to keep communication organized;- Quick 1-touch menu offers regular text to be used in conversation;- Secure log-in with password;- Push notification with every message (can be turned off);- Invite as many people as you want or accept an invite from an other user;- Break-up at anytime and invite someone else !

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It is also possible to interact with proprietary instant messaging networks such as ICQ, Yahoo, NET Messenger Service or AIM through the use of "transports" (requires server-side support).

Features Roster Customizable roster, grouping, Wide array of cross- client, compatible emoticons, Composing events, (dependent on contacts client), Talk to Gtalk, free call, free sms Live Journal Talk and others natively Interact with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, (popular Polish protocol), etc.

Comprehensive color scheme, customizer built in, Alert profile can be selected, Set your status (eg DND, Invisible), Auto status away, Keylock shortcut (with clock), Minimize feature, Search for, navigate and moderate jabber conferences, Supports muc protocol, Copy / paste feature, Manage multiple accounts, Manage your Vcard and view other users Vcards, Traffic data counter, Interface can be set to English, Indonesian, Russian or Polish (default English), Supports RSS and atom news feeds, Constructor website allows user to customize application before downloading, Popups, Anti-spam protection, File transfer, File Browser, Copy jid, status, seen, idle, online, time, vcard info, File view in file browser, native: Autostatus, Last Messages, Sounds for events, Volume settings, Java netmonitor, Visible group in roster, Graphic menu, Color tuning, Classic chat, Conference autojoin, Default status, Hotkeys, Saving photo from vcard, user moods, and a lot of others.

Love to chat and find new friends around the world?

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