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These qualms and other factors put her at odds with the "chain of command" within the drug cartel and lead to Nancy blatantly violating its rules.

However, her insubordination leads to a romance with Esteban Reyes, a corrupt Mayor of Tijuana.

They eventually come to an agreement to move in together in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

As the closing of escrow is finalized, Nancy and her family eat dinner peacefully, and Nancy then gives a toast to the family's future.

Her attempt to shut down an underground tunnel almost leads to her death during the season four cliffhanger.

Nancy takes a break from dealing in season five while building a relationship with Esteban, eventually giving birth to his only son.

Nancy Botwin, née Price (Mary-Louise Parker, leading character) — also known as Lacey La Plante (season two) and Nathalie Newman (season six) — was a PTA soccer mom until her husband, Judah, suddenly died of a heart attack.

She excitedly jumps on the opportunity to traffic pot across the Mexican border for Guillermo at the beginning of season four, but is uncomfortable with other transporting jobs, like smuggling heroin and child-prostitutes.

Subsequently, an armed man, later identified as Tim Scottson, is seen aiming his rifle's cross-hairs at Nancy.

Later, during the Season eight premiere, Nancy is seen on the floor covered in blood.

During Season 7, after three years of lockup, Nancy is released to a halfway house in New York City.

She immediately betrays Zoya by trading with Zoya's brother, Demitri: Zoya's stash of stolen grenades, originally stolen from Demitri, for an initial supply of weed.

She once again jockeys against the leading dealers in New York, and rises to the top.