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01-Mar-2015 14:00

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I'm certainly grateful that 505 Games did not directly port over Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 to the i Phone. Instead, Naughty Bear has been recast as a violent, day-glo Pac-Man.

Naughty storms maze after maze, picking up cupcakes instead of dots.

Power pellets are now weapons like golf clubs and machetes, which allow Naughty to turn the tables on the other bears and hunt them down like a crazed predator.

That contrast between death-dealing violence and the fairytale scenario is the central joke in Naughty Bear.

And the decision to take the 3D adventure and turn it into a maze chaser was definitely the right one.

But somewhere between here and there, Naughty Bear falls victim to some dreadful controls that let all of the air out of the balloon. Instead, you just swipe the screen to direct Naughty.

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If there was either a precise pad or 90-degree turns, Naughty Bear would have played better – and in turn, been easier to recommend.

With a unique control system tailored specifically for the i Phone touchscreen inputs and a top-down viewpoint, the camera zooms in for up-close-and-not-so-personable signature kill moves which have become the trademark of our hapless bear.

Following the already established formula of the console versions, the game features a vast array of weapons, objects and scare tactics for gamers to employ to maim, bash and slash their island cohabitants in the quest for ever-important Naughty Points, earned by exacting sweet revenge against any stuffed animal brave—or stupid—enough to cross Naughty's path.

Adam & Eve partnered with Visixtwo to develop this cool adult emoji application.

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However, it is only available for i OS platform only, it is not available for other mobile platforms like Android and Windows. Just download the app and after downloading it you have to add it in keyboard setting option. You can anytime can see tutorial about the application, here is snap. Here are some snaps which we took from app have a look. Here are some more snaps which we took while using Adam & Eve naughty emoji have a look at these snaps carefully. We did not notice any lag because of this emoji application. It is not available for Android and Windows device and this is making this naughty emoji application out of the reach of half of the world population. The application is free, but the numbers of emojis are bit less.

Emoji are sometimes more expressive as compared to the words.