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Ok you will need to press "~" key and type in sv_gravity and a number between (0-8000 to be exact) for example if starting from 0 it will be the highest jumps ever but if it is 8000 then no jumping at all.(*Note if you type any number between 0-8000 then the gravity will still change depending what number you typed in.*) kill enemy so fast buy a sniper scout or aw/m after go to the boxes near the chemical box and when enemy arrives you can snipe them fast Money Cheat Okay to get 16,000 money just type impulse 101 in the console (to open the console press "~") and press enter the money will automatically be added to your money to make it exactly 16,000.Your primary job as an Ambassador is to kick off thoughtful discussion threads around products, services.Your discussions can be on any topic in Knoji's category system.When you are being shot at from far away always crouch to get the target easily.

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Jumping, but not too regularly, can force the enemy to aim vertically as well as horizontally, or it can, if you're lucky, turn what would have been a head shot into something a little less damaging.

Take Cover Use crates and other objects to protect you.

It helps to have a well known spot where you can completely disappear to reload if necessary.

Keep in mind that some of the more powerful weapons in Counter Strike can shoot right through certain walls and objects.The more votes you accumulate on Knoji, the higher you move up in rank.

58, Male, Portsmouth hi im looking for a long term relationship , at present i am going through a divorce , i am looking for someone like my self , loyal , romantic , fun loving and trusting , i also have a gsoh 30, Male, Portsmouth Listen I'm not really sure what I'm doing on here really.… continue reading »

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The officials were unable to use their whistles after the opening kick-off.… continue reading »

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This site is dedicated to teach individuals how to box, and to give back to the sport that has helped change my life.… continue reading »

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