Online dating woman in international fraud

20-Jul-2015 01:53

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Investigators learned that the conspiracy involved more than 200 people worldwide, led out of South Africa and Nigeria, according to court papers.They got warrants for 360 email accounts, obtaining about a million messages.The contact is always through email, telephone and text messages.The con artists send a photo of a pretty girl, culled from the web.The investigation started in September 2011, when a Biloxi woman told police that a man she’d met online through a dating website had sent her cellular phones to repackage and reship, according to documents filed with Wednesday’s and Thursday’s guilty pleas.She let Homeland Security investigators use her email account to correspond with the man.It also depends on how far the scam has progressed and whether or not the scammer is aware that you are on to him or her.In one of the most prolific cons, the con artist a small group of Chinese men and an English speaking girl post a travel website and put a personal profile for the girl on,, and other dating sites.

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She then asks for travel money – needed to show that she can support herself in the receiving country.

It said those included depositing and then wiring someone else money from million in checks and other “monetary instruments” that turned out to be counterfeit, repackaging and forwarding merchandise bought with more than 39,000 stolen credit card numbers, and using hundreds of thousands of dollars of counterfeit postal and private carrier shipping labels. The group also took over victims’ bank accounts and used several layers of “e-mules” to launder money, according to the documents.