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31-Jul-2016 20:14

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Sure, we get to split a hotel room among four people with four salaries, but we don't always get the best rates.Jason: Which means the pressure's off to do anything.But there are times when I'm fairly sure we're going to go somewhere where I'm going to be miserable.Mark: With four people it's difficult to book hotel rooms on travel sites since most availabilities and deals are based on double occupancy.But if both primaries were home, then it was sofa city for the secondaries!I recall sitting at dinner with three-fourths of the unit and with five or six of my close friends; I was so fascinated, I had to ask how it all worked."Jason: My parents are the exception, they don't know.

For organization, if we're going to get into that, Google Apps is the answer to a lot.But when I did, I was shot down immediately, not just by the unit, but also by all of my friends - as if I had broken an unspoken but obvious rule that any discussion about their relationship was off limits and inappropriate.Predictably, because I was henceforth not permitted to ask any more questions, lest I break another "rule," I only grew more curious.I asked Jason if I could write about their relationship, with an emphasis on its mechanics (i.e., the day-to-day), which, based on my biased, statistically unsound research among friends on Facebook, seemed to be what many people were most interested in.

Jason: Polyamory, in my view, is a committed relationship among multiple, consenting adults.Relationships will work with the right amount of technology at the right times, understanding that at other times it won't be of any use.