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But if that isn't close enough to your heart, you can thank the French for the camera you use to post pics on your Facebook, the country made huge strides in photography, and even invented cinema.

Over the course of the centuries, it has been the stage for the most important developments in the history of mankind, including the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and the rise of the Fifth Republic under President Charles de Gaulle.

When you study abroad in France, you can expect to be treated the same as your native classmates, whether in a lecture or in a 'travaux diriges,' or seminar class.

While you can study abroad in France and concentrate on nearly any subject, it's the students with a passion for the arts, architecture and history that flock to the country in the highest numbers.

History students will find that France has been where the action is for quite some time.

France is a part of your everyday life and you may not even realize it.

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