Single firemen dating introvert dating website

12-Mar-2015 05:57

Again, a gorgeous guy and I considered flirting, but then I caught sight of his left ring finger. I knew a lifeguard, she was perfect raising her daughter just how I would. Maybe most guys on here are pu**ie* and wont tell you that this is a stupid post....So have you ladies dated a firefighter and have any positive or negative comments about them? I don't see their profession as being part of the equation. Yeah just go f** your local male bar sl** that's putting your a**on the line w/ std's You know the career when you go after one?? Anybody can put on a uniform and treat you how you want to be treated in bed. I could start with the "on call" I am an IT business owner. If a server goes down at on new years eve, guess what I may be drunk, but I will be calling a cab or a ride to that server. Well as my profile states I am honest, even if it hurts.

FYI: I read an article regarding a higher than normal divorce rate among firefighters due to the stress of their job, and also the work hours they keep- being gone from home a lot overnight, etc. I don't think I would have a problem with the work schedule. If I had to choose based on the profession, I'd take the fireman. I have seen cops do lines of coke and cops that don't let an empty dugout get thrown away w/o going to jail.WOW I didn't see the thread about cops, but I would never classify someone by their profession. (for those that don't know, coke, a narcotic drug in all books (look it up cocaine), dugout = paraphanilia, a pipe used for a controlled substance, non narcotic overlooked in most countries, as seat belts are in most of us, legal w/ scripts in some of us, legal in some countries.