The business cycle dating committee defines a recession as

09-Mar-2015 19:59

Fully 91% of unauthorized immigrant men ages 18 to 64 were working or looking for work in 2014, compared with 79% of U.

S.-born men of similar age and 84% of lawful immigrants of similar age. One reason for the disparity could be that unauthorized immigrant women who are not in the workforce are far more likely than other groups to have children younger than 18 at home.

From 2009 to 2014, when the number of unauthorized immigrant workers was stable, eight U. states – Alabama, California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina and Rhode Island – had statistically significant declines in the number of unauthorized immigrants in their workforces. Most states that experienced change in their unauthorized immigrant workforces also experienced change in their total unauthorized immigrant populations.

Compared with their sizes at the start of the recession in 2007, the unauthorized immigrant workforce was slightly smaller in 2014 and the overall unauthorized immigrant population was markedly smaller. states – Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and Washington – had increases in the number of unauthorized immigrants in their workforces.

The main source of data for 2005-2014 is the American Community Survey, conducted by the U. Unauthorized immigrants include those who enter the country without legal permission and those who overstay their visas. In addition, eligible applicants have to be in school, hold a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate, or be an honorably discharged military veteran. citizen at birth, including people born in the United States, Puerto Rico or other U. territories, as well as those born elsewhere to at least one parent who is a U. “Unauthorized immigrants” are all foreign-born noncitizens residing in the country who are not “lawful immigrants.” These definitions reflect standard and customary usage by the U. Department of Homeland Security and academic researchers.

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