Two codependents dating

20-May-2015 04:27

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But when he grows bored or indifferent--o even worse, perhaps turning yours into an abusive relationship—he will likely move on by having affairs while nonetheless allowing you to play his faithful servant. Won’t it make you feel worse about yourself than ever, especially because while you might be trying to deny it, at another level you know that you are allowing yourself to be used? What if when you sense he is losing interest but hasn’t quite brought himself to walk through that door, you leave first?

Indeed, your self esteem will take a nosedive because playing the role of doormat does that to people. You’re right, this might work to get him back if he likes to play the approach-avoidance dance.

You remain full or fear or self doubt, and this keeps you engaged with this other person who likes to do the approach-avoidance dance. Assuming you are the female pursuer, he is apt to run faster and further as you move towards him.

True, sometimes you can win back a basically good guy who you’re walking away from because he can’t bring himself to make a commitment.

Then again, and this might be more difficult for you to fathom, your partner might have left you because that person did not see you as capable of having the healthy give and take kind of relationship he or she desired.

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Spouses and partners sometimes continue to pursue sexual relations, without realising they no longer have this right, because the person with dementia can no longer consent.… continue reading »

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