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The glass globes were picked up at a local craft store and although they are technically meant to be votive holders, their shape remind me of old glass fishing balls.In addition you will need some coarse sand and cactus soil.We, well mainly my husband, has been growing succulents for over 10 years now.He likes to claim that he loved succulents before they were cool.My daughter turned seven last week and requested a mermaid themed pool party.While color schemes, garland and paper pom poms are an important part of a birthday bash, in our home the craft station is usually a large focus as well.I chose succulents as the focal point in the terrariums because even though they are really dry, desert dwellers, their shape and color also remind me of algae and seaweed you would find in the ocean.I selected tall, spiny looking succulents for the arrangements, with a few grass-like ground covers as well, to represent algae.

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Once you’ve got your planting done, gently add in a bit more sand to cover up the cactus soil.

I wanted the terrariums to have a sandy soil to mimic the bottom of the ocean, however since succulents need some kind of organic rich soil, they most likely would not survive in pure sand.