Updating resume after college

24-Mar-2016 10:06

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Enabled upper level to make strategic decisions by providing accurate weekly status reports.” – Empty adjectives do nothing.Anyone can list “leader” or “hard worker.” Write something that demonstrates how you can multitask.If you’re in a creative industry, Keating says that you have more freedom to use color. (Here are some that are really out of that damn cliché box!) If you’re not a graphic designer, there are websites where you input your information and the site helps create cool visuals, like timelines and pie charts.) so that you have an excuse to work on your resume another day. If you have over five years of experience, you can go to two. The goal is to show what you’ve been doing most recently. Her name is Rose Keating, and together, we’re going to get you through this. According to Keating, most hiring managers prefer one or two pages.

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For example: “[Wherever You Went] University, X years of a bachelor degree in journalism.” Another angle is to list the number of courses.

Your resume should read in reverse chronological order, from most recent title to least. Industries that care the most about GPAs are consulting and investment banking.