Updating school choices for arotc

09-Jun-2015 19:28

updating school choices for arotc-3

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For more detail on items 2 – 5 below, see the Character Assessment admissions factor.

You must be prepared for your medical examination appointment.

If you do not follow appropriate guidelines, your examination will be invalid and must be rescheduled.

Candidates who withhold obviously disqualifying medical information will be disenrolled and won’t be eligible to reapply for the Academy.

Take care to make all scheduled examination dates to ensure your application will be completed by required deadlines.

You should know that it can take up to 30 days to schedule your initial medical evaluation, 60 days for completion and possibly another 30 days for a medical waiver if required.

The examination center will be as near to your home as possible based on availability within your ZIP Code. Applicants should visit the DODMERB website directly at https://dodmerb.mil/for answers to frequently asked questions and to obtain further information.