Updating sky hd epg

21-Aug-2015 11:24

It must be also possible to include in the broadcast signal information about the pixel arrangement used to decimate the master HDTV full samples/line pictures to create the anamorphic version, if 3D is available.

This is made by a spatial multiplex that combines the left and right video sequences in one HD stream which is coded with H.264 as a single image.

Nowadays 3D television technology is already in its first steps regarding its standardization, now the major 3D market is in theaters and Blu-ray Disc players with stereoscopic systems, but in the near future it will be extended to diffusion, and later Free viewpoint television will come into our homes, which means the need of new coding and transmission standards.

Regarding how a signal once it's decoded is sent to the display, current stereoscopic systems use a frame-sequential 3D signal.

In this case, vertical decimate is required which causes halving of vertical definition.

DVB 3D-TV supports following Ta B formats: The main function of signaling for frame compatible 3DTV is to signal the presence of a 3D or 2D video stream.If you're undertaking a new Sky dish installation, mount the supplied minidish bracket onto a solid wall facing south east with a clear unobstructed view of the satellite.

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