User control not updating visual studio

27-Feb-2015 09:37

user control not updating visual studio-86

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This will recreate the designer and will place the declartion of all the controls. that's a nice work-around, and interestingly, it also changes the runtime version from 2.0.50727.42 to 2.0.50727.1433 ( presuming, of course, that it was 2.0.50727.42 to begin with ) Here is something interesting guys...

There were two sistuations I had to do little bit extra work to get things going. For this I had to put the registration of the custom controls at the begining of the aspx/ascx page.

However, strangely I am getting *exactly* the behaviour that you describe. None of the applied solutions has any effect whatsoever. (Feel free to keep the file opened in the text editor so you can inspect changes when it is (or isn't) re-generated correctly.

It makes no difference if you're viewing this file.) 2. Kyma (Apologies for the formatting - I assume its because I'm using Safari...

I went back and double checked the markup, and there were no error indications other than missing Css Classes (which always happens if you're using a masterpage).

After several hours of swearing, testing, trying things out, and more swearing I happened upon the answer... Within the Button Field tags, I had left the "Button Type" property set to "Link Button".

Thanks Kyma I have not noticed the "Generation of designer file failed: The method or operation is not implemented." error (is it an error or a warning ?) mentioned in your first post, but I'll watch for it next time, and update the post. I use Web Applicaiton Project Template to create the websites and I was facing the same issues.

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