Video of black panthers intimidating voters

02-Sep-2016 22:16

The concept of Obama’s “Civilian Army” and this picture have scared the piss out of them (er,…so to speak ). We want the rest of the country to see what they are voting for.

Keep in mind, these were people absolutely NOT voting for Mc Cain — not no way, not no how. Mutnodjmet on November 4, 2008 at PM Last time I stayed in Philly, I was walking in this park by the river and there was a guy patrolling(officially? It apparently was so dangerous that it would not have been safe to walk there otherwise? right2bright on November 4, 2008 at PM Hot Air makes me sadder by the day.

we have heard of other incidents in the city, including voting machines breaking down. i have not made it inside yet, we had a skirmish in front of the door. at this point, apparently anyone who wants to vote here can vote here.

we heard of an incident not far from here where far — all three machines broke down. SKINNER: i know that they do not have enough people to man ever falling site, but as far as you understand the police have come and gone.

I would like to personally thank the dumb whities that took his rhetoric bullsh** on helping the middle class hook, line and sinker!!!

someone in front of a polling place with a nightstick, that is intimidating for all voters.

LEVENTHAL: this is the first time i have heard of black panthers being stationed outside of a polling place.

Bear in mind that Philadelphia is where “street money” comes into play for Democratic GOTV efforts; this may not be a “Black Panther” at all, but just an ordinary thug hired to look menacing enough to frighten off the weak-kneed.

On the other hand, as Michelle reports, the New Black Panther Party said they would send people to the polls to scare off “racist forces [that want to] slaughter our babies or commit other acts of violence against the black population, nor our black president.” Apparently, that includes all voters supporting John Mc Cain. people think the good times will last forever…keep dreaming.should anyone work just to give it away to big bro obama??

A nightstick wouldn’t get me out of line, I can tell you that.