Who is ione skye dating

14-Feb-2016 11:29

The famed actress, best known for her performance in Say Anything, is the daughter of 1960s folk rock icon Donovan.

When her parents separated, her mother, who was raising two young children, was devastated.

Until she got back on her feet, Ione says, the family lived with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and, briefly, with George Harrison. , she found herself drawn to musicians, particularly in romantic relationships.

“My very first boyfriend was Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Ione says.

She stars in this month's , due in September, features Ione as an orphaned girl living with her grandmother—played by Maureen O'Sullivan—whose house is invaded by aliens.

The iconic scene where Lloyd stands outside Diane's bedroom window in a tan trench coat, blasting her favorite Peter Gabriel song from a now-extinct boom box set the standards for all subsequent adolescent romantic gestures. “When I dated him, he was still not sober, so that was pretty intense, and you know, he got into recovery and that was really good, but I looked at myself and thought, ‘Woah, that was a strong thing that I was drawn to.'” In 1992, Ione got married to Adam Horowitz, better known as Ad-Rock in the rap-rock group Beastie Boys.“We went around the world and around America,” Ione says.The many fans of will be pleased (or maybe not) to hear that NBC plans to adapt the film into a TV series.

It will be set 10 years after Lloyd and Diane graduate from high school, but in the present day.

Crowe and Cusack, however, are not too happy with the news and have taken to Twitter to express their opposition.

Try as I might to suppress the reaction, I experience black men's choice of white women as a personal rejection of the group in which I am a part, of African American women as a whole, who have always been devalued in this society.… continue reading »

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