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29-Dec-2015 01:40

EXCLUSIVE: Laura Prepon Reveals Her Secret to Losing Weight for Good While the Prepon, 36, and Foster, 35, were careful not to pack on any PDA during their June outing, they appeared quite comfortable as they stepped out in matching denim outfits.

brings up so many issues and nothing is taboo, which makes my job that much more special and important.

, but she's somehow managed to maintain privacy in a world where being an actress is pretty much synonymous with being a social media star.

Laura chatted with Marie about the complicated nature of celebrity, being photographed by the new wave of paparazzi (AKA real people), and—of course—sex scenes on differ from that of the show?

And then, season three, the audience knows who everybody is so then you can really blow it out the water.

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Laura Prepon got grilled on a tough topic, and didn't hedge her answer when asked who she enjoyed kissing more -- Topher Grace from "That '70s Show" or Taylor Schilling from 'Orange Is the New Black.' The "OITNB' star was on the "Todd & Jayde in the Morning" show on 95.5 in NYC when they raised the issue. It makes sense to me that we could get asked that question, so I don't think it's objectifying. If you take things personally, you won't be a very happy person.